It's 'kyo-uchiwa' means fan of Kyoto,
with metal background and picture of flower.

Design of these are so cool,
and you can cool yourself when you use it.

Picture in flames are original design
of these picture before making it.

Craftmanship is highly sophisticated,
but it costs a lot of money.




It's an engine of plane and the earth,
emit blue light from sea and ocean.

I took this picture in flight to Singapore.
And I like it very much because
When I see it, my memory I cherish come to me.

Holizon from sky is very beautiful.
And curve of window too.

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This is 'naginata-boko' in Gion Festival,
and so many shadow is all human.
It's most popular 'hoko' in this festival.

Each 'hoko' has its god or things, it has great spirit.
'naginata' is a kind of japanese sword.
But it's not normal type, it has wonderful power.

The color conbination of
white lantern and blue-illuminated building
is also my favorite point of this picture.

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This is a castle made of sand.
We took this picture at Siloso Beach in Singapore.
The man of right is me, and left is my friend.

In this beach we play with beach ball with a Singaporean.
And I talked a lot in English.
It is a good memory of winter♪

I went this country twice, and I think there are
so many attractions to do, see, and eat.

What do you say to going here?

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My brother is climbing a watering can!?
It is an illusion☆ In fact,
He is just on the road and posing as climbing this.

And since camera haven't high faculty to focus,
We made this funny pucture.
You are also able to take this kind of picture(*≧v≦)♪.+゜

How about trying?

Theme : Art photo
Genre : Blog

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