Wow! Unbelievable! I took this picture when
I went to the TV station event "Wakuwaku Takarajima",
means wonderful tresure island. It is a kind of magic.

But It cost 1000 yen to know how water made.
I wasn't be able to pay, so I don't know mechanism of it.

the background of this picture, "nandedaro!!nandedaro?" means
"Why!!Why?" This is very word in my heart now.



This is salad, I made first time.
And background is my 'futon' cover.

It contains tomato, orange, raddish, apple,
and 'mizuna', one of 'Kyo-yasai', vegetables of Kyoto.
I only dressed it with salt, and it was very delicious.

There are so many kind of Kyo-yasai in Kyoto.
I like 'Kamo-nasu' a lot, and it is good to eat after
you baked it and with soy sause and sesame.

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It is coffee and milk and present from my brother to me.
If you pour coffee on the milk carefully, you can make it.

And present contains two types of liquids, may be oil and water,
and it seems shed colorful tears, beautiful.

The reason you can see green color in this present
is blue and yellow liquid mix, you know.
It is also contrast of mixed color and not-mixed color.

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It's good way to sell items well.
Because when you are in 3rd floor and want to go 2F,
You must walk at least quarter of floor and see goods.
This is installed in HEP FIVE, a famous department in Umeda.
I also enjoyed tea in cafe in this building.
I recommend you to go here.

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It's maple tree in ice.
I was so surprised when I saw it, at one shop in Gion Festival.
May be you can see it next year in the shop, 'EIRAKUTEI'.
But touch is prohibited.
The background of this is a series of sweets.
What do you say to going to this store!!

Theme : Art photo
Genre : Blog

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